Hello, and welcome to Clay Factor Ceramics!

My name is Minu -- I'm the designer and maker behind the Clay Factor atelier.

Just over a decade ago I plunged into the ceramics world primarily as a means to my work as a fine artist. Quickly this developed into study of ceramics exclusively.

Now working primarily in porcelain sourced in the Pacific Northwest, Clay Factor's offering spans both tabletop wares and decorative vessels.

All work is serial, with extended time spent exploring specific set of qualities about the clay that capture my imagination. Playing with negative space between lines, noticing subtle hints in the silhouette, exploring relationship between form and surface, are some of the consideration in the studio practice.

Clay Factor is based in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

If you'd like to experience our work in person you can check the Events page for what's happening or schedule a studio visit.

Much love,

Milk & Honey wares drying

Trimming day usually means lots of vacuuming

Loading the kiln for glaze. Magic ensues :)